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Christian (a.k.a. hey you!)

Bass Guitar

Christian Young was born in Auckland, New Zealand at the Martyr Hospital in Mt Albert on a rainy Tuesday at 7:02 pm. He learnt to play the piano from a young age but switched to the electric bass in his teenage years in order to become less of a geek. The resulting metamorphosis was minimal but enough to convince him that playing bass was the only way he was going to pick up (girls).

He moved to Sydney in 1997 to begin a Bachelor of Music (Jazz Performance) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Eight years later he graduated with a newfound passion for minor/major 7 chords, harmonies in 4ths, and wicked pentatonic lines. The only subject he failed went by the highly academic name of "Radical Rock" (43%).

Christian recently graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Science (Hons 1), and is continuing his studies.

Christian has played with a wide variety of musicians during his career and continues to be involved in side projects, he joined the Enormous Horns in 2005 and is still trying to get over the trip to Thailand.

Likes - Playing music, crumbed veal schnitzel, boost juice, sport, especially cricket and anything that involves the heady smell of petrol and burning rubber...
Star sign - Virgo.

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