0412 909 025
PO Box 192
Seaforth NSW 2092
Sydney, Australia

Dave (AKA Egan Beaver)


Dave started playing drums at age 9 and has played around Sydney for many, many years, working in rock bands, theatre shows, and freelance gigs. He spent 6 years with the Air Force band and now knows all the words to the national anthem. He played in the Enormous Horns from 1990-92 and has come back to do it all again. He taught drums for nearly 20 years and now is concentrating on his latest venture as Sydney's Drum Doctor. Dave has always loved a good tool in the shed, but now he can claim it as a tax deduction.

Likes - Mustangs and other classic American cars, gardening, photography, renovating houses, premium Australian beers, moonshine whiskey, movies, shopping for tools, playing drums, playing with the kids.
Dogs: Max and Alfie, Cats: Megs and Monty
Star Sign - Saggitarius.

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