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PO Box 192
Seaforth NSW 2092
Sydney, Australia

Michael (a.k.a. Bryce Ryback, and many other names )

Vocals, Guitar, Humourist, Librarian and plastic saxophonist.

Born in Sydney, spent his early years in Bathurst, a keen songwriter and musician, and involved in acting and studio work since leaving school. Suggested by his bass player brother Matt to have a sing with the band back in the late nineties (?), and stuck for a long time... Traveled overseas and then rejoined the Enormous Horns, Michael is a powerful and accomplished singer, handy guitarist and an ordinary shot for which he compensates by throwing a lot of lead.

Likes - Muscle cars, fast boats, vodka, target and clay trap shooting, sailing, getting it wrong, getting it right.
Star sign - Virgo.

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