0412 909 025
PO Box 192
Seaforth NSW 2092
Sydney, Australia

Rob (a.k.a. Bob)

Vocals, occasional saxophone.

As the founding member of the Enormous Horns, my jobs have included maintaining some of the lighter aspects of the show, the foolishness, the self deprecating humour, encouraging the sometimes spontaneous, sometimes spectacular, sometimes slick, the sometimes slapstick participation of our audience.

(Editors Note: This list he has supplied is extensive and we are not sure the extent to which his competency extends in any particular discipline)

Surfing - (Degree obtained at Narrabeen High School - described by truant officers as "off campus" student).
Sail boat racing - (formerly 12 foot skiff "Enormous Horns", later racing on modified 18 foot skiff "X18").
Gyroplane construction and piloting - (over 300 hrs in own machine). (Editors Note: a Gyroplane is an ultralight a rotary wing aircraft that defies gravity using a form of mystical levitation, see their website for more info).
Dirt bike riding (Honda XR 600)
Target shooting
Spear fishing
Video editing

Pet - "Slugger", purebred Australian Shepherd, Slugger's interests include eating, sleeping.
Starsign - Libra.
Likes - Chocolate coated strawberries, beach, vodka, strippers.
Dislikes - Loud TV ads.

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