0412 909 025
PO Box 192
Seaforth NSW 2092
Sydney, Australia

Stuart (a.k.a. Viking)

Alto Sax-a-ma-phone.

Stuart was born in Adelaide and has never got over it. He came to Sydney in the mid 80's and studied Jazz at the ship yard down at the Pyrmont docks. He played a mighty role in Calamity Jane as the drunken gay sailor. He was found by the Enormous Horns quite by accident begging for food on a street corner in Redfern. We felt very sorry for him as he has no friends. His dancing lessons are going quite well and he has managed to learn to eat with both a knife AND a fork now.

Hiding the band rider.
Drinking the band rider when nobody looks.
Dung beetle farm.
Learning to dance.
Bow ties. Open shirts.

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